Moc Chau - the journey of the blue

Tuesday - 02/07/2013 23:34
New Year, when the negative balance of the New Year had not been washed off, we giggled for the planning of road. Moc Chau is the destination of this trip. Not too long to plan, closing the list and went.
The novelty with someone, something very interesting results. But individual familiar with the Phuot in new people is the best adhesive. Moc Chau road  - Hanoi ignition leaving the city with close availability of the human understanding of each other - the journey of friends.
This time we walked when Hanoi just awake and back when I was asleep. Unlike the previous, we left Hanoi when she was sleeping when the clock back and have squeezed through the night. The familiar faces, familiar things, only new emotions. The mixed between new and familiar create excitement. Vehicles go, the flags fluttering breezes, cars soaring away  left behind hectic Hanoi.
Leaving Hanoi to hectic all the way to supply Hanoi - Moc Chau - the journey of friends
Beautiful spring weather than the advantages. Windy, sunny, slightly chilly but not bitter, slightly warm but not hot. Beautiful weather-an important component of all the perfect trip.
14 cars queue up parking a long streaks. No one is eager to quickly pass lead, and no one ignored the momentum to drop after closing delays. As a machine used to segment, moving in convoy and safety rules. The Red Min Lead as a real stallion and familiar way. The lead should create trust. I laughed suddenly remembered a saying of someone once said: "Not everyone who many old and good ride as Lead can do." Uhm. Do they need to lead more.
Union moved quickly to the keen driver manually. There the female driver must manually run no less than the male driver. Well, then do not already Donate gender divide. Needless men, women do not need. All is a common gender.

Little bit cold and thin air by high, sun has flowed over each shoulder dress, dripping down each car wheels ...
will be the lasting impression of the journey
We stopped at a large yard to relax is to go the extra bit of energy. Three small stones, dry alcoholic ready. A fresh fire up fast team. Fire broke little cup. Soon the water was ringing voice. Café dense, fragrant smell wake of all members rather dreamy eyes. Quickly café is divided equally for everyone. Posted bitter sips of coffee, it tasted sweet poetic feel. Drinking coffee maker himself halfway up a mountain pass had the pleasure of Phuot people.

Mostly dry, slightly cold and rarefied air as going by height. The sun is still flowing on each shoulder dress, dripping down each car wheels. Moc Chau town greeted us by a forest of rock excavation. Ravishing like feng shui paintings of old movie plots swordplay. To Moc Chau, car slower improvement items left over winter, while pale, yellow when. These gaps progeny garden of indigenous people is steeped in a tiny little flower, ultramarine violet, sometimes goes by the sun and wind receipt plateau. Does anybody know the name of flowers, people here simply call it Purple wild flowers.
Tiny little flowers, ultramarine violet, sometimes goes by the sun and wind receipt plateau,
people here simply call it Purple wild flowers
Going into the town, the road sides forest green plum, green non tension spills of life on each tree grainy, dark brown. The plum petals were decimated inflate over time, leaving the tree a fresh young green. The green carpet, blue as the new non-plated finish sowing season. It helped calm my heart, it makes my eyes bright fresh. Large dairy farm with dark green grass, white streaks of black dragon hole, deliberate early spring grazing. The scene was suddenly making it identical to the dragon, peace deposition, clear as dew in the region, such as winds gently through the hair playing ... that's a romance.


We stay in a stilt foot in Moc Chau town center. Floors clean, wide, with enough blankets, mattresses for everyone. Prices are quite soft: 50k/nguoi/1 day. If you go in winter and stay a long you can negotiate. People Moc Chau and sincere hospitality. To map the floor, we proceed to the forest and to visit a tea plantation. Large floral tea hills, a dark blue dark blue. Tea is grown on the slopes of hillsides and comfortable. From afar looked down like a giant tapestry. Weather se se, acrid taste of tea, chat chat. Seeing deliberate, helped ease. But look best attraction is lonely tree on the opposite hillside protruding. Between spend the vast, silent men before us as a solitary scene. Old trees standing tall atop a hill, alone and proud. The broad leaves are separated from the ground by short straight trunk. There are not any trees to grow side. A peak but lonely and desolate countryside. Will it ever see little sad? Have you ever seen protruding it?
The floor in the center of Moc Chau, clean floors, wide, with enough blankets,
mattresses for everyone with prices quite soft: 50kpeoplei/1 day
Night dew drop falling lanes not hold. Firewood was erected. The fire burned very tingling, ringing. Dinner is waiting, eager bamboo skewered with chicken dishes. Fragrant, a circle round it. Birth of a union member. There is drinking wine in bowls, with grilled chicken whole, with pork Man recording, live music, have you ... a significant birthday that surely nobody can forget. Red flame dispel darkness and frost. The stories are extended, the fire still burning, at burst, smoldering at ... something stirred germination, root-tiny roots in the soul.
The fire is not disabled, increasingly narrow circle let go as dark as night. No crow transition report, no honking travel. The stillness wraps up little space. Suddenly, a few boisterous noises, a few hours touching cup flax cultivation. It turned out that the sound of a different union Donate. A wink, nod ones. Lead leads you to communicate with your team. Phượt is. Four tanks are, your friends are comrades. The exchanges make sense Donate, unwritten rules. People live together with respect and understanding. Thus can bring joy, smiles for everyone.
Flames warm friendship between northwestern mountains.
More late night, as thick fog. Eyelids heavy, by mist, by slightly groggy wine, by the fatigue of the day. Mild closed eyelashes. Sleep came, soft and cool.
Early in the morning, protruding on the house floor. I contemplated letting fog flooded the entrance, the blind blind idle mixed pale smoky kitchen. Long, long, long time maybe we have a chance to watch a new release in the early morning mist. The door opened, the mist is in the air gently, leaving the skin on a steam blanket, thin, like trail cool lick from a cat's tongue plump.

Brothers sit back gather, play some poker entertainment, someone interested can portable camera to pose the figure, someone interested can wander and scenic plateaus. Looking to the silence where the heart is withered. Looking at yourself or simply moves her feet free, wild optimism. Where we can travel cases propped by the wind. Drop Delete any worries hustle, relieved to hear fog flying cool. Relieved to hear the breeze, sound bar.
Moc Chau as pure gift of God. The ingenious Moc Chau brings a special leading tone. Blue. Light green forests fresh plums. Dark blue floral tea ties, wandering. Light blue sky northwest. Dark green of the pines The Ang. Blue deep blue lake. Fresh blooming grass of the field. Life is rich and many highs and lows. Is this so called plateau Moc Chau? Jupiter? Plants?

Lunch, after dinner. Three teams went into Phach to hunt little late season plums. Sprawl the bumpy road. Difficult but interesting and fun. Snacks, and big enough house. Late afternoon, the group hit the road back to Hanoi. The temperature difference quickly. The preparation is never redundant. Add a jacket. Warm and soft. Car still working away. Tear wind, frost you, driving at night.
  The lights run backwards towards distant. Car workers back to Hanoi, Moc Chau left with the green tie, leaving Moc Chau with individual emotions.
Moc Chau, Hi mi okay. I will be back.
See you in one day Ban flower is blooming white heaven.

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