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Thursday - 19/12/2013 02:45
They are young people like to travel, love to explore foreign lands; They organized groups, associations "moved" by motorcycle with the motto: "Go! To realize or do not ever hesitate to saving love. "They are charity Phuot.
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Moments for children
In recent times, go sention is becoming important concerns some parents have children like move, even in many places, people become sention anxiety with improved flower, and the flower triangular circuit farmers. However, they are only a small part of young people go sention lack of awareness. Most people go sention longtime always well aware of each trip, the organization moved from safety to environmental protection, respect for life, local customs. Even when it comes to the more difficult areas of the country, including Son La also brought their hearts, their good wishes.
Walking through the travel forums, social networking sites are not hard to find a charitable program of this group of young people. The latest, Heaven Phượt group is organizing a gifting program called "Highland warmth" with the goal of bringing a warm winter clothes to the children at Ta Phinh, Tan Lap, Moc Chau. Have you opened a "charity booth" with a very humanitarian purpose is to use the entire amount from the sale of items such as socks, gloves, winter accessories to buy gifts for children .
Trang Truong, a member of the team responsible for media sharing "Seeing the kids faces trash bin, his eyes were cold mindless scolded her eyes were red. I was really moved when they saw him, how much he loved them, then burning their intention is to help her have this much warm clothing. Hopefully we'll sell more goods to help the children of this winter's bitter cold.
 The help of the group sention usually derived from sympathy before the hard life , lack of local people. Government heart , heart fluttering love him to add strength to overcome all the obstacles young people to come to these lands really hard time . To charity in Son La 4 times, see and sharing how difficult with Son La’s people, Cao Hai Hung , Trekkingfan’s leader said the latest trip into the Hang Đong B - Bac Yen - Son La, perhaps the most memories . Also very hard way, to bring the gifts to the children in the Hang Đong B, the group of 40 volunteers have been shipping vehicles to take 3 times : Cargo Trucks on North yen , dumpers Yen continues to move north into the cave , and from the Hang Đong center to the Hang Đong B, the volunteers have cargo motorcycle, each 5-7 for the 3km journey through the mountains, over streams.
TRekkingfan give gifts in Moc Chau
Like Hung and Trekkingfan trip, The Great Pens team had a trip full of memories to Chieng Hac, Moc Chau. The group of 50 volunteers brought gifts to the Pa Dong School. This is a very memorable trip, because of the rain, slippery road team can not go to the motorcycle, which to walk, took them 2 hours to go 7km ... Roads slippery, steep mountains, the to transport, have you stumble, there your cramps, have you cried because of fear, cold, because never so hard ... But still the group arrived and brought a lot of gifts including rice, books books, candy, clothes ... for the children as well as her children here.
The trip like this, the players not only given sention sympathy , sharing with her ​​children , but also with many things : affection , appreciation of her children , happiness shining eyes of the children , or take back the strong , brave challenging trip , train ourselves . Nguyen Thanh Nam , The Great Pens group shared emotional trip volunteering in Chieng Hac : sudden and torrential rain , rice and books . I can see you 've made ​​your raincoat for another , you do not have to wear a raincoat to cover books , seen all the other shelter before the cold and the fear ... Sometimes feel scared when stepping on the ramp only small pebble and both nhoet land , but to see the green hills of corn , flowers giong swinging , stilt houses equivocal , or eye contact , smile all tired of people like to go where this takes tan .
The Pens Great gift Pa Dong, Chieng Hac
While many young people engrossed in the call from the coalface of Phuot, then the group as Trekkingfan sention charity, The Great Pens, Moments ... went into the depth of life. With sention not only to experience, explore more, sention sharing, co-operated with local people, relieve their life somewhat difficult. Car service to love, to believe in the good things that exist in this world. Because of positive thinking, good action, there are always young volunteers varied forms: give gifts, Autumn organization for children, free photo shoot and gifts ...; deploy innovative donation: can open booth charity, can write fund-raising letters, can build the charity concert ....

Hopefully, with youthfulness, enthusiasm and his heart, the charity continues Phượt to Son La, as well as other difficult areas, contributing to social development and a better 


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