Moc Chau’s Cauliflower 2013 Are Blooming in Ang Village

Monday - 18/11/2013 04:10

Moc Chau’s Cauliflower 2013 Are Blooming in Ang Village

Moc Chau’s Cauliflower 2013 Are Blooming in Ang Village
Currently cauliflower flowers began to appear relatively more in area around The pine forests Ang Village. This year, no more flowers and each batch is unclear, but it is still quite beautiful. Please recommend some places to explore and experience the floral wealth in the Ang
 The area of tropical flower garden - The Ang: Far way Pine Hill junction - Ang Village about 2km, near the strawberry garden, orchid has about 2 ~ 3 Cauliflower blooming gardens are beautiful (would have collected more fees garden photography in 10 ~ 20k / person)
Little House situated peaceful between Cauliflower field
- The area around Pine Hill - The Ang: There are two ways to go:
1. Go through the lake, turn right on Pine Hill deep inside. About1km dirt road will have one way to go to the big Cauliflower field, the road is quite bad and hard to find, the best way you should ask people or hire someone to lead on.

2. Go straight to deep inside the (Pass Pine Hill junction - The Ang about 400m). Even the original banyan, turn right 1 ~ 2 fields will be improved quite nice, but the old and slightly smaller area, where flowers and poinsettias are also quite beautiful iridescence.
Going deeper in the next, and bridges over the streams, to the end of the Ang 1 will be the beautiful blossoming garden improvements. This area is difficult to cars, in line with your bike.

-It's best to ask for directions, people are willing to just where improvements. Add to always ask the farmer who is applying to surface facilities, as well as payment of fare
-It can stay overnight at the home of her son in the floor, 50-70k/nguoi price.
- Moc Chau seasons are shifting, capricious climate, so bring a sweater.


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