Delicacies from young bamboo treetops

Thursday - 19/12/2013 03:33

Delicacies from young bamboo treetops

This afternoon, at the foot of the Pha Luang mountain clouds covered, from the non-motor halfway down the steep freezing . Sitting at the dinner tray, after a warm cup of wine, you notice you have a few dishes that look like cement strange, but there is a green, hard and burn it longer.
Măng chuẩn bị đem luộc
Bamboo shoots prepared boiling
Well, after asking , first try soon see how pieces of concrete had chili . Cement segment long -range three knuckles , width of the matchbox looked stiff , so that the roller on the back torn out too soft . The smell of something like this is the same chili shoots both : Airline , concentration levels , but it takes a bite alas ! Rare delicious : spicy ! Obviously, then , do not shoot the spicy pickled peppers ! But that sweet ! After the medium spicy tongue tingling , burning body cool sweetness , the gentle fragrance . Crispy pieces of cement not closely that soft , slightly longer back length . Despite who pick up meat , fish trap . I just took a bite sleeves , padded one piece away to cool , occasionally referred back to the shallow cup . What is not known drunk , but tomorrow sweaty wet hair still eat that tasty . Thai man sitting beside told to chuck : This boy must eat many times already , appreciate it ! It is unclear how the person said the man was holding the cup to explain : " the day before the Thais go grill , lunch, sometimes only a few pieces away Cement EP the same year this wine . Drank wine , ate away the pieces put water shoots shoots , do not know how that works.

Bamboo shoot Pickled chilies 
Asparagus and ate a lot , listen well region Tan Xuan , Xuan Nha many shoots before , but eat small bamboo tree tops this style ever ( that 's his call , but people here still call it shoots : bamboo shoots , cement cavity ) . Because I still eat is often just grow bamboo shoots from 20 - 50cm high , usually only during the rainy season , when people used to pick on the young . And this young bamboo roof was too high , winter farmers cut down trees and take part in the young tops, so see how the pieces seem green and hard . Chorionic usually boiled with salt to mix spices : pepper , with commendation , lime leaves , slightly sleepy sleepy but quite sweet , if the state can also offer fried . Is still the most delicious chopped pickled with salt and pepper to the chili dishes shoots . Store level in the kitchen , dining or living deep freeze public spending you use , just delicious , warm medium , anti- cold .

Bamboo shoots boiled
Bamboo shoot normal people sell more, this particular type of specialty cement absolutely no one sold in Moc Chau. Seen told the towering mountain on peaks Ta Sua in Bac Yen The farmers make delicious and also sells. But To Bac Yen is too far, it repaired let things go tomorrow. Now, shallow cup, eating bamboo shoots!


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