Peach blossom gorgeours valley in Moc Chau

Friday - 07/03/2014 03:04

Peach blossom gorgeours valley in Moc Chau

Peach blossom gorgeours valley in Moc Chau
After the white plum flower garden shed to make room for blue shoots, was when blooming cherry blossom. Let the beauty of cherry blossoms under the lens of Ngo Huy Hoa players.
Before New Year festival, Moc Chau  was covered with frost made ​​the forest peach: peach jade, peach fade, peach bloom later than normal. And the same peach fruit such as France peach, peach the United States already had ripe fruit.

Therefore just walk under peach blossom gorgeours valley, you just get to enjoy fresh peaches. It was a great thing. In particular, the French peach, plum off season is picked by women to buy in 6 roadside, serving for guest purchase a gift.

In the warm sunshine of spring, the valley brilliant cherry color

Many visitors come to Moc Chau in these days

Cherry forest blooming to fresh, full of life 

Picture of cherry tea hillside, blue sky and white clouds 

The kids are playing lateral petal excellent plum 

Farmers go to slash inside the brilliant plum tree 

Fighting cock on peach trees 

Peach jade with the most brilliant crimson color 

 White peach side peach jade 

The France peach trees bear fruit very soon 


The blue sky, brilliant cherry blossoms, spring is blooming jubilant all over the earth Moc Chau 

Flower of spring makes hearts flutter

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