Memory Season Moc Chau…

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Memory season Moc Chau

Memory season Moc Chau
About 200km away from Hanoi, the road to "white paradise" Moc Chau as short by romantic heart loving ardent flower. Everyone wants once set foot here, one would like to live in paradise backdrop of pristine white plum blossom, apricot blossom, you probably will be hard to resist the beauty of pure simplicity of this place the jungle.

After winter days, warm weather, sunshine on the period Moc Chau plum blossom starting blooming. Is it, as it at most natural harmony, plum blossom has simple beauty, pristine white and so passionate. On the rough trunk, mouldy all over, the plum flower stems stout stick fullness white, like to thank the Creator bestowed its beauty, purity of northwestern mountains.. The gardens, flower fence, the road was filled in white makes anyone go through also stupor. A floating sensation, lightheadedness, hard to describe! Moc Chau have steppes vast meadows and beautiful mountains in the north. In the spring, flowers and trees sprout, fresh natural lyricism, these village still original ethnic identity and traditional festival to welcome spring. All will give you moments of calm, tranquility and relaxation.

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If you are interested in exploring, take a left turn into the main road trails behind the little green gardens to villages deep in the mountains as Chieng Yen , Long Sap ... Where you will meet H’Mong people, Thai people, Muong people than most and love life, bewildered crowds of children , the cottage is situated between a forest of flowers . Hiding out in the morning dew , filled in white plum flower mountain forest floor roof image simplicity and peaceful life of the highland ethnic minorities . In the Hmong people , you should ask permission and photographed her children a little candy as a gift . A little warm will create Cord sweet love simplicity . At night , in yeast vats of wine drunk , is to join hands in spreading round the flickering flames of the bonfire between natural romantic heart as deposited , all worries seem to disappear . Throbbing drums , guitar sound guidance , traditional dances and folk songs lyrical , food , beverage flavor northwestern mountains and many things more exciting in mind going bold.

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You will be attracted to forget all the time for a day wandering among the flowers , leaves the village and fields bright yellow canola as dawn 's early light . Moc Chau is like " Da Lat " north of gentle warm sunny day , there are hills and mountains of the spring flowers , the flowers pure white , plum blossom apricot blossom , the hillsides are stretches of peach pink fading to forest Basketball season , is the simple little house with brightly colored dresses of the Mongolian woman , as the sunset faded brown smog as mother's lap . Moc Chau is always nice , but maybe , just plateau really charming , the most brilliant in the spring , when the cherry blossoms bloom plum blossom apricot blossom throughout the forest , like the white skin of the lips shy girl Mongolia . If for Son La as party girls spring jewels , Moc Chau is the magical eyes of young women mountainous . Immense beauty and elegant and romantic of Moc Chau has captivated many tourists .

Moc Chau in my memory is the one domain . The eyes , the laughter sparkling in the sunshine . Remember the little shapes are environment to play in the valley white peach, plum with shining eyes of the H'mong baby , looking to find the Moc Chau as innocent Memories immemorial . Try once hid himself in the untouched white flower dream , listen each other's breathing seemed to sound vague memories from domain echoing footsteps hold , returning with gentle innocent affair new day great : a bit shy , troubled ; a little joy hugged after incubation gently smile . One of the people Moc Chau warm , gentle mist , sparkling sun behind the mountains , the poetry of the forest flowers ... will be unforgettable experience for me and everyone who ever put arrived here . 

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