Moc Chau - Spring on the plateau

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Moc Chau - Spring on the plateau

Moc Chau - Spring on the plateau
Moc Chau familiar to Phuot people, with Phuot people long yearsthen maybe everyone was over here a few times.

Moc Chau like Da Lat of the northern highland topography ,hilly with prairies full of flowers in every season with the famous delicacies.I have to Moc Chau did not know how many times but this time to enjoy  plum blossom season is relatively full bloom by the occasion and the weather is beautiful, sunny day. Spring comes white plum blooming sky in Moc Chau, from both sides of Highway 6 to the remote villages.

White plateau 


Under the canopy of plum

The valley 

Two roadside

Plums are often more in the northern mountainous region but most are still Moc Chau,
but the plum blossom season usually lasts no longer just the remnants of one week,

                                          only tree began the lush little blue buds.
                                          White plum hill slopes

The white aisles

Both the village as a covered white

The white prairies

Brilliantly sunny

The paths of white flowers

Flowers inundated way you go

Cycling in here very interesting

The children playing in the plum garden 

The clear smile in spring sunshine 

Not only white plum but also the vast fields of cauliflower 

  The pristine white plum cotton blue sky 

Blue and white Flowers 

White as cotton 

Spring porch 

Teemed with white flowers 

White gush 

White hillsides



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