April come to Moc Chau picking peachs

Friday - 18/04/2014 03:53

April come to Moc Chau picking peachs

April come to Moc Chau picking peachs
Arrive April, Moc Chau started quite and peaceful. Winter end, early spring prairie flowers brightly vibrant how much, noisy footsteps travelers how much time this gentle, soothing much.

The ban forest, plum forest, peach forest, the valley cauliflower flower immense has previously been replaced by endless green, greasy of tea, of grass, the canopy of peaches, plums, apricots.

Sunshine, rain, fog come suddenly, go suddenly, but the trees are green not season green as so much. Standing in a lush little green hills tea the middle of cool weather, sunshine is not burning sun, the whiffing wind, anyone also feels agitated.

The heart tea hills in Moc Suong, on the way into the On village Cave Five, Shan Tuyet Tea hills after a winter is pruned, is resting now turn up the lush tension spring tea sprouts, it is young, membrane fat themselves one up as hand bud of girl growing up. At fragrant, has had plastic smell naivete of young tea leaves after the lay branch of the basket of harvest workers.

Pleasure to Moc Chau steppe feeling this season is to gather the fruit. Plums have not many, only nine sporadic, but peachs were brilliant on tree. Peach France, America peach blossom early from October-November lunar calendar, now laden with red fruits on the tree.

Early summer what a happy morning, roll footsteps out of bed blankets came on the wind cool, green gardens overlooking that said, the birds chirping in the trees, peach red flickers on branches.
Raised his hand stem attachment down, select the most ripe peaches picked down, wipe the soft undercoat have seen buoyed ago, still good to eat it!



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