Interestingly, while enjoying "cham cheo" in Moc Chau

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"cham cheo" in Moc Chau

"cham cheo" in Moc Chau
Up Moc Chau or Northwestern this season, there is not much fruit, but there is an interesting side dish not to be missed: Cham Cheo ( green nhot cabbage rolls, dotted "cham cheo")

Thú vị khi thưởng thức 'chẳm chéo' ở Mộc Châu
Interestingly, while enjoying "cham cheo" in Moc Chau
Perhaps  lowlands people up to northwestern dishes too impressed with the book viscous green cabbage, cilantro, dotted with "slow cross", so keep that up each transmission Northwest to find food to eat in the "slow cross". In fact, "cross-slow" is the name of a dish dots, and viscous food, eat prunes, eat the same sim "slow cross" Thai (Northwest) collectively eat sour (Kin squatting).

The most typical dish is cabbage viscous rolling. Dishes made ​​of Thai characteristics. The first is to choose the green beam viscous medium term achievements yet. Some people prefer to eat small indeed, but perhaps the most standard viscous when enough range, not too young nor too old, whitish layer just chalk. Too viscous to green, slightly soft, succulent yet banners and sour carrots, and sometimes back again through the acrid! You need to select the medium-range cabbage leaves, not old, not too young, white batiste dropping. Add a few slices of garlic, coriander leaves, ginger is sliced ​​again.

Most importantly, the bowl of dipping sauce, not sure where there is external Northwest: bowl "cham cheo" is a blend of: dry garlic, (but to the right is the new Northwest garlic odor, characteristic spicy, garlic ship - to root, not the succulent taste of it), ginger, chilli, coriander, garlic leaves ... all crushed, mixed with a little fish sauce or salt, monosodium glutamate, or a little sugar.

Then you've gathered enough people, all the ingredients are laid out, people gathered to cut viscous, cut the cabbage, put the pieces viscosity, coriander, garlic, fresh green leaves greasy, golden and shining piece of ginger, from from rolling into cabbage leaves and put into a bowl lightly cross-tingling taste just heavenly things under the sea ...

Thai people eat yogurt can not eat alone , you have to have , clustered three to five knots . As folk dish should have stood that when people eat well , to eat and laugh saying , funny stories apples as a special condiment made ​​more delicious food . If you keep quiet , but then lost animals eat , where to taste the broth just because of the sour fruit with pungent combination of savory spices it new ! Interesting this snack is sometimes effective measures to increase the solidarity , cohesion everyone . If you are a stranger to visit at the right time is eating sour collective , of course they could not do you or sit huddled turned a corner at all, it will invite enthusiastic . And you just keep on beam , also have book , dot , clear broth , laughing and hustle . So after a few minutes only surprise you can chat with them as was used for ages .

Love the multiple manifest simply as a snack .

Source: Thanh Dao

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