Attractive tourism in Son La

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Attractive tourism in Son La

Attractive tourism in Son La
Charming scenery and unique culture is built up by 12 ethnic groups are "magnet" to attract tourists to the Son La.
By far, the plateau - Son La has become address "Donate" favorite youth across the country as well as foreign tourists. Located on Highway 6 and 43 is the town of Moc Chau and Moc Chau Farm Town, year-round cool climate, peaceful, very convenient for visitors to explore, resort ... Moc Chau season also picturesque, extraordinarily beautiful, hidden behind mist hung over the place is full of green grass, the tea fields and forests plum, peach, wild dotted ties kneeling bright yellow, white markings, pure yellow of the garden ..
Coming to Son La, visitors will not only see the majestic mountains which are also worth exploring the unique culture of the Northwest peoples, spread over the appeal, ecstatically drunk in wine need, and propped by the flickering firelight and sweet voice, sonorous music of the night rung.Tu Son Moc Huong (also known as Bat Cave Moc Chau) - the name has long since become familiar to many tourists when visiting Moc Chau - a work of art, a national scenic spots that nature bestowed lands to the summit plateau Phieng Luong to 1,500 m altitude, on top of a large flat area near 10 hectares are suitable for sports such as horse riding, walking or climbing ... seems so natural in favor of the local committee for the unique landscapes that not many places can be.
Along with the famous scenic spots, Son La, also known by the cultural diversity and richness of 12 distinctive ethnic groups including Chinese, Lao, Resistance, La Ha, Kho Mu, Tay, Xinh Mun, Dao, Kinh, Muong, H'mong, Thai. We can see very clearly the diversity of culture through mass Son La distinctive culture of 12 ethnic groups. For example, Chinese people like to sing "lark" (san saws), including topics such as love rich boys and girls, life, home, fighting spirit ... musical theater is a living art form is States favored minority. On holidays, usually Chinese lion dance performances, dance boxing.The festival is an opportunity organizations seesaw, swing games, racing boats, animals, chess ... Unlike the U.S., the Tay is a traditional art background rich with all the poetry genre, song, dance, music ... proverbs, folk songs also occupy a significant amount. The most popular folk songs of the song, wedding songs, lullaby ... The Tay hospitable, easy to learn, open-minded and like to talk. And own the land of the Muong ethnic appeal to as many festivals throughout the year to the Assembly (Framework season), the praying for rain (April), christening leaf (7-8 lunar month), the new rice festival Treasures ... folk arts are popular and plentiful with the long poem genre, post mo, tales, folk, for Dum, proverbs ... Muong people also have children singing, rhymes, singing dam flowers , sing it, sing children's play ... And the gong musical instrument of the Muong ethnic characteristics.
Perhaps it comes to cultural Son La, can not fail to mention the traditional festival - where the culture crystallized bold and deepest, including the Festival of Independence of ethnic Mongolian - Moc Chau district. For a long time, on the occasion of 2/9 - National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Hmong people held a festival called the Festival of Independence. It is said that: Before the August Revolution with the Mongolian young couple passionately in love, but because of the feudal-colonial draconian, they do not get together. Thanks to the Party and Uncle Ho and People's lives are changed, the master of his destiny, to education, recreation. Young couple he now has his day, as she met each other in the New Year Independence Day 2/9. They were so happy, telling each other changes in his village, which also met in appointment of independent Tet Festival 2/9. Until today, the same year, she was sitting where they are supposed to. Society has melted, but you did not see her coming. Finally, a girl to give her a silver bracelet and saying, before he closed his eyes told her son to take the chance on this keepsake gift to welcome her and her family to visit him. Since then, the concept was fellow Mongolian Independence Festival 2/9 is the day reunion, reunion. This is a beauty of a unique culture of northwestern mountains region.
Nature can not be granted in favor of the Son La fertile fields fly straight off the trigger, however, the vast jungle area that gives the Son La landscapes, the unique cultural richness get nowhere. Perhaps it was the visitors attachment legs, causing every visitor to every request, go back to the prairie stretches the endless immensity. /.

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