Admire the carpet of green tea in Moc Chau

Tuesday - 24/12/2013 03:50
Soft tea fields, winding over the hills makes many the youth should surprise when they arrived here.
Chè Mộc Châu
Moc Chau Tea
Moc Chau is a mountainous districts of Son La, Ha Noi is only about 200 km but at any season of the year also attracted a lot of you come here to explore and travel. Everyone wants to be immersed in nature, watching the scenery change with each season, or to enjoy the special cuisine of this beautiful land.
In any season you come, Moc Chau also has own beauty that you never get bored. Which is the immense field flowers cauliflower, sparkling in the morning dew; forests plum flower, colorful floral wealth, or the strip wild sunflowers blooming along roadsides. And certainly, anyone to Moc Chau, can not ignore the tea fields, green, stretching across the hillside.
Nhìn từ trên cao, các nương chè như một thảm cỏ xanh mượt.
Looking from above, the tea fields as a smooth green lawn.
The soft tea fields, winding over the hills that many young people confused. Standing in the tea gardens, harmony with nature, fresh air, cool makes you feel relaxed mind after the days stress learning .
The scene in the tea gardens change very fast, barely sunny, but there may be fog in minutes, making the scene more than fanciful, feeling lost in the fairy tale. There are many young people from Thai Binh, Hai Phongo are also willing to go to Hanoi, then you go up along the Moc Chau this beauty.
Những nương chè mềm mại, uốn lượn trên các triền đồi.
The tea fields soft undulations on the hillside
Bầu trời có khi xanh ngắt...
The sky sometimes is blue ...
Nhiệt độ thay đổi nhay chóng, các đồi chè tràn ngập sương khiến khung cảnh trở nên huyền ảo hơn.
...sometimes the temperature can change rapidly, the fog that filled tea hills scenery becomes more subtle.


Các bạn trẻ tranh thủ chụp ảnh kỉ niệm với những đồi chè.
The young make use of  take photograp memories with Tea hills
To reach the Moc Chau, most teens choose sention form, only takes about 5-6 hours riding on motorcycles is derived from Hanoi you can reach peaceful land, this green then. You can also go to My Dinh Parking lot to catch a car to Moc Chau, ticket prices range from 130k to 180k depending on the car seat or bed.
If you have the opportunity to Moc Chau, you do not miss out on this great beautiful moments okay.


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