Moc Chau – Point advoid hot ideal in summer

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Moc Chau – Point advoid hot ideal in summer

Moc Chau – Point advoid hot ideal in summer
Moc Chau is one of the tourist destinations avoided hot ideal in summer.
 Most tourists feel the happiest when to Moc Chau. Because they have interesting experiences while wandering the tea hills, green meadows stretching to the horizon.
Up Moc Chau at this time, you will be ecstatic with the dark plum orchards, peach orchards "red cheeks", will be relaxed between the cool vapor from  waterfall Flaps Strip , Chieng Khoa waterfall, and discover the mystery of the Son Moc Huong, the On village Five Caves…
Here, you will be participating picking plums travel, to experience the life of farmers wearing baskets on their backs, hand-picking the ripe red plum and receive "remuneration" from the plums you picked. From the center of Moc Chau Farm Town, take the road to Tan Lap Commune about 20km, you will see the vast plum hills  lying along the roadside. Prominent among the fresh green leaves of the beam is red plum-laden branches. Each day, the locals harvest hundreds of tons of plum post.

Rủ nhau lên Mộc Châu hái mận và tránh nóng 2
Tour schedule picking plums is extremely interesting
You will be pick the ripe red plum yourself and receive your remuneration from the plum you picked
Moc Chau town center is Bat caves (or the Son Moc Huong cave). Standing on the entrance of the cave, you will look down a large valley.
.Between seven valleys has seven mountains like seven small jewels. According to legend, ancient times, when a dragon flying over the area that charming scenery, mild climate, and life stopped here. This dragon has released seven  jewels is seven mountains today.
In the bat caves there are many ranges  sparkling stalactites with colors and  bring lively shapes as money trees, grain crops, said the first, fairies, elephants, lions, tigers, lizards, eagles. .. Bat caves was the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is recognized as Relics scenic national level.

Rủ nhau lên Mộc Châu hái mận và tránh nóng 5
From the gate of Bat caves, you can observe the whole Moc Chau Town.
Far from Moc Chau town about 3 km is the waterfall Vat village, also known as waterfall Flaps Strips. According to legend, the falls are formed by the affection of the girl she had forgotten her to rescue her boyfriend from the flood.
There is also another legend that the old days, having a drought year, the Moc Chau prayed sun for rain and  have a remote dragons to rain, then located in Bat caves to guard water sources for people and creates this cascade.
Rủ nhau lên Mộc Châu hái mận và tránh nóng 6
Flap Strip date night buzz, like cry of agony,  regrets of the girl about failed love

Waterfall Flaps strips divided into 2 major bands, separated by 200 m, the water from the waterfall falling white day and night, which gives you a sense of euphoria, fascinated at the spectacular natural scenery of heaven and earth.
Most beautiful waterfall in the summer when more water volume. The sunny day, flushing down the white foam, sunlight through the trees down to the water blue, the sun hit the water mist 5-7 rainbows incredibly beautiful.
.From Moc Chau town go to the south about 40 km , visitors will come to the Xuan Nha Nature Reserve. With an area of ​​27,886 ha, where flora and fauna are very rich, suitable for eco-tourism.
Rủ nhau lên Mộc Châu hái mận và tránh nóng 7
Xuan Nha green season
By Xuan Nha this season, tourists can see the terraced fields are transplanting season   with clusters of young green paddy, flickers small waterfall pouring down wild murmur, green tea hills, and seeing the rare animal species such as gray langur, gibbon, red face monkey, great-tailed macaques, clouded leopard, Asiatic black bear, red wolf, squirrel three ...
Rủ nhau lên Mộc Châu hái mận và tránh nóng 8
The green tea hills

Rủ nhau lên Mộc Châu hái mận và tránh nóng 9
Sunset down tea hills pretty peaceful
Coming to Moc Chau, you also have the opportunity to learn the traditional culture of the ethnic communities living here.
You can visit Ang village ( Dong Sang commune), Vat village ( Muong Sang commune) of Thai ethnic, the Long Luong( Long Luong commune), Dao village Lin stream( Van Ho commune), Phu Mau village, Na Bai village( Chieng Yen commune) to unleash immersed in drums, bullhorn voice, lyrics, dances and traditional games unique.

With natural beauty and diverse cultural resources, Moc Chau promises to bring you an enjoyable stay and rewarding.

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