Refreshing with hot mineral springs tour in Moong village - Son La

Tuesday - 18/06/2013 22:48

hot mineral

hot mineral
Visit to Son La that bypass hot spring bath in Hua La and enjoy ethnic dishes, that is wasted.
Located in the center of the North West, Son La province is considered to have the potential to develop tourism, with natural resources and abundant human resources. Coming to Son La, in addition to visiting historic sites, visit Son La hydropower, visitors can go to the pits - Hua La commune - Son La city hot mineral springs bath and use some services at here.

Hot springs Moong village in Moong village , Hua La commune; Located approximately 7km from the city center. In recent years this area has become a familiar address for many tourists in the country and internationally. Mineral springs with temperatures ranging from 36oC to 38oC, with the physico-chemical characteristics, mineral composition naturally very good for the treatment of some skin diseases, rheumatism, nervous, cardiovascular. Before 1997, only a hot bath service is due to a spontaneous form of households investing public bath serves the people. Since 1997 now has been Hua La cooperation trate services exploited in the service form to the bathrooms are designed, reasonably decorated, clean and hygienic.

Currently there are nearly 20 households services business hot mineral springs bath. Each households is a tradition floor of Thai and a service area of the bath is designed with widespread bathtub, scientists will make visitors actually comfortable : The system bathtubs are very diverse, bathtubs for individuals, bathtubs for family, you'll be really comfortable soak in the mineral bath with time according to their individual liking.


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