Pao does not age

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Pao does not age

Pao does not age
Mong people in the Northwest there are many excellent folk games, but is still the most popular game throws Pao. For Mong people, Pao do not seem to have aged, it's sticking to the Mong children for life and become a restless faith in love.
The Pao is also known as Pao pa was sewing up the linen cloth of the left circle, the size of an orange, stuffed inside of linseed or cotton. Today, in order to create effective color for pound, the Mong woman who was used by Thai brocade, or silk to make a Pao fruit soft. Throwing game takes place in Pal area of ​​relatively flat, players are divided into two parties, male - female. Two teams separated by a distance of about 5 - 7met. Ingenuity of the Pao is not thrown down to the ground and Pao covenant together with the number of throws, the number of Pao caught, if either party loses the right to sing a song or do something because sometimes regulation win. 
The game throws Pao usually held in the New Year, the traditional festival of Mongolia as Gau Tao Festival, Lao Song Festival, or Feast Day celebration offered a new home. Top highlands northwest, you can see the pair of young men and women from Mongolia Pao players throws Independence Day Festival in Moc Chau, in Khau Vai love market or Sapa love market. 
Ms. Sung Thi Song (75 years old) in Long Luong commune (Moc Chau - Son La) has sewn thousands of Pao for the results Mongolia in the region, said that: "I do not know the game outcome and throw Pao Pao since when again, it is a very long time. Just know that Mongolian men seeking wives, were brought to the praise and praise dance performances expressed strong young men, the man of the woman to bring results to symmetric Pao. The fruit shows softness Pao, just a game, just as women's ornaments Mongolia in the fun. "According to Ms. Rivers, the most important is to know the girls butt car weaving linen cloth skirt and Pao fruit. Mongolian men seeking wives, the first thing they see is the ability to weaving, embroidery and Pao fruit. A Pao good results, the sutures have closed, while holding Pao is not hard work or too soft. A Mongolian woman good ride, they must know how to make fruit is good Pao. 
Best feature is also a chance to throw Pao given male send her eyes to find you heart smile. When throwing Pao is present both eyes for each other smile. The boys loved the girl to keep fruits Pao after holding an excuse to go and see the house or to express affection, if the same, they started dating and a relationship.

However, the majority of romances start with throwing games are not fully Pao and Pao fruit became a nostalgic joy and anguish of life. I have seen elderly people who wander in Mongolia Khau Vai love market in hand in search results Pao old memories of the affair youth. A Season Old Man Sau to Khau Vai love market with only one wish, to play with your partner throws Pao while still young to go about trust notes rest of his life. Therefore, for the butt, Pao fruit of love is nostalgia not seem to have aged.
At this time, want to be self-Pao pitcher find your balls, visitors can go to the stadium Moc Chau 1-9 days. It's time, people gather around Mongolia fun festival to celebrate independence.

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