Supple Aromatic thick cake Mong on New Year

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Mong people New Year in Moc Chau unlike other places where it Mong people Today early Tet Lunar New Year a month. In the new year than alcohol, meat, then thick cake is indispensable in every meal on New Year, every family. Mong people also retired thick cake eaten during the holiday or festival because this is bread brings ritual worship, psychic indispensable on the altar of the family to Mong people every New Year, spring.
Thơm dẻo bánh dầy Mông ngày Tết
Supple Aromatic thick cake Mong on New Year.

According to the Mong language, thick cake called "Pe" or "race" different depending on the region. With Kinh cakes, thick cake is a symbol of Tet, the Earth and the sky full round square. As for Mong people, thick cake is a symbol of love, the faithful son of boys and girls who Mongolian iron, thick cake also symbolizes the moon, the sun - the source of human life and all life.
Traditional thick cake of Mongolia made ​​from aromatic upland of sticky rice. Paddy is selected sticky sticky rice highland not doping. Parboiled rice is sticky rice cake pounding handmade shoes, so when grain is exposed to sufficient heat to the grain milled rice were broken but still retain the delicious, smooth layer of intact rice grains sticking out to boost flavor pineapple cake and ductility. When making cake, sticky rice is washed through, soaking in spring water 2 to 3 hours, then take out and drain and place in a distant parking spots. For away days are usually made of wood, mortar thick cake itself is made ​​of wood fibers make smooth and carved hollow like a dugout canoes.

Pounding thick cake is a  hard work and requires a lot of effort. Therefore, the participants are pounding cake often men, youth athletic.They gathered a group of about a dozen people took turns pounding each time two people. Once retired, the young Hmong healthy wood fire using two long handled ax and rotating as retired until rice intertwined, leave the cake as carefully as flexible and to be long, farewell to the flexible and the new smooth finish. Pounding the finish in this same group of young people to leave the house to another.This also demonstrates the unity, sticking, Kinship in Hmong communities. When cake has finished pounding, leaves women to prepare cakes. The materials used to pack the cake train leaves the forest line or banana leaves are washed, dried thoroughly. When was flung into a puree and worn around the block at the women, and she skillfully shaped into round cakes complete.

Thick  cake is not only entertaining dish, but also as a gift to the visitors. Although for a long time remain supple aromatic cake, usually grilled over charcoal when eaten or cut like pie and fried in lard cast to swell, creating an attractive aroma. Party trays alcohol, the same air with traditional highland dishes, thick cake dishes  is always attractive to anyone present in the traditional New Year's Day special in the highlands of Mong people.


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