These locations should come in Son La

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These locations should come in Son La

These locations should come in Son La
Go to Son La, you'll be seeing a majestic mountains and explore the unique cultural values of the peoples of the Northwest, as well as attractive in the spread, ecstatic drunk in Can wine yeast, and daydreaming under the flickering firelight and sweet voice, sonorous in the festival forest music .
1. Son Moc Huong Cave

Son Moc Huong also known as Moc Chau Bat Cave - the name has become familiar to many visitors since while visiting Moc Chau, Son La. It is a work of art, a national scenic nature bestowed the plateau region.
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In the cave a marvelous color, cave from the ceiling plaster stalactites hanging down the stretch enough sparkle rainbow. Five blocks from the ceiling of cave rock flowing down to 20 m high platform as the tree roots hanging down to the ground. There's also a lot of stalactites like tree coin, grain crops, his first picture, fairies, elephants, lions, tigers, lizards, eagles and clouds hovered.

The entrance is 50 meters, about 800 m2 width, vaulted cave place higher than 30 m, are round. In the middle of the cave floor with a dry lake of water, approximately 200 m2 wide, between lakes with large stone turtle. Left bank of the lake volume stalactite formation couple mandarin wrapped together.

2. Moc Chau Plateau

Moc Chau Plateau is situated at an altitude of 1050 m above sea level, 200 km away from Hanoi to the northwest along Highway 6. This is a large plateau that stretches 80 km, 25 km wide, with 1600 hectares of grassland .

Moc Chau is the focus of most tourism resources of Son La and the northwest region - Northern. The climate is particularly tourism resources peculiarity of Moc Chau. In the middle of the plateau is a microclimate with cool summer temperatures average 20 degrees C and a drier winter than in other regions.

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Coming to Moc Chau tourists will visit the historical monuments, Son Moc Huong Cave, Pine Forests, pagodas Vienna, Flap Strip waterfall, Phieng Luong Top, and the culture of the Hmong, Dao in Van Ho District, with the singing praise dances, ethnic cuisine, specialties, cuisine and handicrafts products imbued with a rich cultural identity.

3.  Son La City

Son La City is a plateau city, at an altitude of 600 m above sea level, with streams flowing through the Nam Na. Infrastructure development is quite concentrated and where the majority of accommodation establishments of tourists. The climate in Son La town fresh, cool. So this is a very suitable place for active vacation tourism.

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Guests can visit the historical monuments of culture as Son La prison, the temple of King Le Thanh Tong, villages, farms or participate in cultural festivals.

4. Tourism Group Da River

Traveling Da River is to with the century works, explore prehistoric man through the archaeological site, to the spectacular natural scenery, high mountains, wide rivers, green forests untouched, waterfalls, pristine scenery, to the honest, hospitable, unique culture.

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Da River flowing through the Son La province 280 km length with 32 large and small tributary. Black River is the ancient trade route between the people of the nation Son La in particular, Northwest Ethnic People in general with the plains.

5. Tien Phong Lake

 Tien Phong lake of Muong Bon Comune, Mai Son district, adjacent to Highway 6 from Son La City 23 km, Hat Lot Town 7 km from the Na San airport 2 km.

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Arrive Tien Phong lake, one of the particularly attractive as you are traveling on the Lake by boat oared, pedal boats or motor boats. You can bring your fishing rod for fishing bait such as lakes carp, grass carp, black carp, mud carp, tench.

6. Flap Strip waterfall

Ban Vat waterfall, a place associated with history from the ancient residence of the Thai ethnic people in Muong Sang ancient lands, Moc Chau today.

Overall this is a beautiful ecological landscape is endowed with the owners of this land. Also known folk on, this waterfall is also known as others Nang waterfall, Flap Strip waterfall, in order for the beauty of waterfalls such as the identity of the girl spring full moon age.

7. Mong Village

Mong  Village is an eco-tourist destination, cultural and attractive resort of Hua La commune, Son La City, Son La province.
The first thing that visitors feel as beautiful natural scenery, charming landscape here. The undulating mountains like a dragon winding itself down  Nam La.  On the hillside coffee, apricot, plum, pine, bamboo and overgrown.

In the spring, flowering apricot, plum blossom and Ban flower blooming forest status of each presentation look honey bees make atmosphere fun. When the winter, bamboo flower spikes bloom like red hillside houses adorn the red tile roof. The freezing cold is also an ideal time to indulge in hot mineral.

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