Moc Chau Marathon 2020: notes before joining the tournament

Thursday - 26/12/2019 11:43
Only 10 more days, the Vietnam Moution Marathon 2020 will take place in Moc Chau. Below, BQl Moc Chau National Tourist Area shares some notes for successful and interesting running
Vietnam Trail Marathon moc chau (6)
Vietnam Trail Marathon moc chau (6)
Of course, this article will not go into the admonition trainers carefully or choose the diet while eating a standard diet for the best condition. The following are some considerations when visiting Moc Chau to have a great experience while participating in the run.

1. What's beautiful about Moc Chau in January?

- At this time, apricot flowers have bloomed all over Moc Chau, and in the next ten days, plum flowers may bloom white hillsides, or valleys along the way. Thus, the highlight of Moc Chau in January will be plum blossom, plum blossom. Whether you join the road running 10,21,42,70km you will run through the beautiful white blooming plum forests, pay attention to Na Ka plum valley with over 100ha of plum. 
Na Ka plum valley
Na Ka plum valley in the flowering plum season
- You can also run through the Hmong villages, the friendly people go to the street to see and cheer enthusiastically, you will see the babies in bright red, fluffy, green dresses, on the skirt attached a lot of silver coins white radiant flowers create a happy mourning music. Hmong people are celebrating the traditional New Year, there will be many interesting things for you to learn.
Vietnam Trail Marathon trailers (5)
Hmong people eat Tet
Hmong people eat Tet
- Moc Chau in this season is also available cauliflower, triangle flower. You may not have much along the way, but before and after the day, take some time to explore, the vast green grasslands of the steppe sometimes mixed with the white patches of mustard flowers (you should go along Highway 6, the section from Truong Giang crossroads to Vuon Dao sub-area, this section is much blooming flowers).
European canola flower

- Moc Chau oolong tea hill is also as green as this season. Your track will run through a part of Taiwan Oolong tea hill, the destination will be near the heart tea hill, when you finish, take a leisurely look and feel the green and fragrant aroma of tea. Before and after running, you can come to Moc Suong eco-tourism area to enjoy oolong tea completely free, take tea and enjoy Moc Chau specialties here. 
Moc Chau tea hill

- If you have a lot of time before and after the race, you can take a leisurely stroll down to Chieng Yen commune to visit Beo village, take a hot bath at the Phu Mau hot spring, admire the Ta Nang waterfall, also quite interesting by the wild, rustic.

Note: Please prepare the camera, the phone is full of batteries, because you will surely be amazed at the beauty of Moc Chau and filming, taking pictures without being bored

2. Where should be convenient to run the tournament

 In addition to the area where Muong Thanh Hotel is the place to receive the running number, there will be 2 starting points: location 1 is in Ang pine forest, for athletes running a distance of 21.42.70 km; Phieng Canh village, for runners at distance of 10km.

- If you want to attend the opening ceremony and enjoy the bustling atmosphere near the center , you should stay around the center of Moc Chau town and Moc Chau Farm town with options like Muong Thanh hotel, Thao Nguyen Resort , Thao Nguyen Hotel, Moc Chau Retreat, Sao Xanh Hotel, Huong Sen Hotel, Kim Dung Hotel, Homestay Hobbiton Moc Chau ... 
Moc Chau Huong Sen Hotel 2019
Moc Chau Huong Sen Hotel
LH 0945 747 207 for booking advice on Moc Chau Marathon.

If you like the peaceful atmosphere, experience many indigenous cultures and have a lot of thoughtful preparation time before departure, you can choose near the departure areas. 

With a distance of 21.42.70 km , you should be near the Ang pine forest area, where you can choose the community stilt houses to stay, just enjoy Thai ethnic food, just have time to go. sightseeing pine forest landscape, picking strawberries before departure time. Some beautiful stilt houses in Ang village for your reference are: Moc Chau Moc stilt houses , Ut Thang stilt houses, Moc Chau 26 stilt houses, Binh Nguyen stilt houses, Huong Viet stilt houses, Thao Moc Homestay and Thao Nguyen Homestay . In addition, beautiful homestays with separate rooms are also suitable options for those traveling alone: Stella, Fairy House, The November, Mama House, Phoenix Moc Chau Resort ...
Moc Chau stilt house
Moc Chau Homestay

For a 10km run and cheerleaders, choose a location near the heart of the tea hill to rest. Here, you should stay at Moc Suong Ecotourism Area, both having private rooms in the style of a comfortable hotel, and having rooms in the eco bungalow or community stilt houses. In addition, you can choose A Cua homestay, A Lang Homestay or Hoa Ban guesthouse ...
Moc dew eco-tourism area
Moc Suong Hotel, in Moc Suong eco-tourism area

3. What to eat when you come to Moc Chau

Cha chao, stream fish, Ban Pig, hill chicken. Some famous  restaurants are Dong Hai Moc Chau Restaurant  (tel: 0336.828.666), Gia Nguyen Restaurant ( 0886 626 888),  Tuan Gu restaurant  (tel: 0834,998,585), Chau Moc Quan  restaurant  (town Moc Chau Tel: 094 410 19 94),  Thuy Moist Restaurant  (Tel: 094 485 06 99),  Nam Hung Restaurant 70  (Tel: 02123,769,558),  Quan 64  (Tel: 0966,051,999),  Xuan Bac Restaurant  ( Farm Town town Tel: 0366.083.486).

restaurant of two centuries (7)
2 Delicious veal restaurant in Moc Chau
Gia Nguyen Restaurant - Destination on the green plateau

Young customers who like grilled hot pot will come to  Cay Mit Hot Pot  (Tel: 097 823 98 18),  BBQ Smoke  (Tel: 0868 866 807),  Ken BBQ , Hot Pot 90 ...

Guests who like to eat thematic will have many choices Salmon ( Fish Moc Chau anise  (Tel: 091 915 51 81),  Trout Xuan Bac Chieng Di  (Tel: 096 233 30 68),  Trout and sturgeon Dinh Hong  (Tel: 0846,834,962),  Salmon 64  (Tel: 098 825 19 99),  Vuon Dao Salmon  (Tel: 091 215 83 78),  Hang Doi Salmon ;
Salmon, Chieng Go sturgeon
Salmon and sturgeon restaurant Dinh Hong Chieng Di

Goat ( Goat Tran The   ĐT: 0212 3769 361,  De Nhat  Tel: 097 909 09 66,  Thai Ha goat  Tel: 094 900 08 38); Buffaloes ( Buffalo Decision Swine  Tel: 091 586 92 27,  Thuong Hien buffalo  Tel: 098 742 75 83) ..

4. Buy specialty Moc Chau gifts to give your loved ones?

Moc Chau specialties in January, besides glutinous yogurt, and confectionary from milk, you should choose the best tea, Moc Chau tea (Moc Chau tea) is oolong tea, if you buy it for your loved ones to drink Tet You can buy separate packages, if you want to buy as beautiful and polite gifts, you should buy in beautiful bamboo boxes or in luxurious, polite cardboard boxes.
dew dew tea
Moc Suong oolong tea with bamboo box (photo of Moc Chau Food)

Northwest specialties for Tet holiday should also be bought such as: pork stew, bamboo shoots, vermicelli, typical spices such as Mac Kham seeds, guava seeds, Mrs. Son's cross, or Moc Chau plum jam, fruits Moc Chau plastic dried ...

A certain fruit to buy is Moc Chau strawberry, this time it is time for strawberries to start and is very sweet, you should buy to try and bring as gifts for your family.
Moc Chau strawberry - Tay Bac specialty cooperative

Some of the prestigious places to buy Moc Chau specialties are Moc Chau Food supermarket, Moc Chau Farm, dairy farm, Moc Chau orchid, Thao Nguyen Farm, Lien Thao 70 supermarket, Nam Hung restaurant .. .

Refer to 5 points to buy special Moc Chau prestige: niem-yet-gia-780.html

5. Note the Moc Chau weather in January

Moc Chau weather can be sunny and erratic, it is best to go with a warm jacket or add a jacket to cope with the erratic weather of the country. 

I wish you a successful run !!!

You can visit the Tourism Support and Consultancy Office of the Management Board of Moc Chau National Tourist Area at 26 Hoang Quoc Viet, Dao Vuon Dao, Thi Farm Town in Moc Chau to get direct advice and get free travel publications: map, Moc Chau travel guide ...
Moc Chau travel advice

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