Hiding in Moc Chau, bathing in Fairy Waterfall

Wednesday - 06/10/2021 23:41
Staying in a wooden house in the middle of the forest in Chieng Di village, bathing in cool water, rowing SUP to enjoy nature is suggested for the family.

At the end of June, the family of Ms. Nguyen Thuy (Hanoi) had a long trip to Moc Chau. Here are some of her shares about Nang Tien waterfall and the homestay in the forest.

Nang Tien Waterfall is located in Na Cha village, Chieng Khoa commune, Van Ho district, Son La province, more than 26 km from Moc Chau. The waterfall is located in the middle of a primeval forest and has just been put into tourism, so the scenery is unspoiled.

On the way, visitors will be able to see the scenery of rice fields, peaceful sticky houses on stilts and when going deep into the forest, the air is cool and fresh. The road to the waterfall is easy to go, a 7-seater car or pickup can go to the place. At the entrance, visitors buy a ticket of 20,000 VND/person. There is also a parking fee for motorbikes of 5,000 VND/car, and 20,000 VND/car for cars.

Rowing SUP at Fairy Waterfall.
Rowing SUP at Fairy Waterfall.

Fairy Waterfall has 2 floors. The bottom floor of the waterfall has a hip-deep lake, cool, calm turquoise water, suitable for bathing, swimming, boating and capturing beautiful photos. This floor has many small streams, suitable for children to play. Adults can slide the waterfall, lie on the float to take pictures.

To get to a higher floor, you have to climb, the mossy stone path is very slippery. Those who come for the first time should pay attention to avoid stepping on the submerged rock, to avoid slipping and falling. Thuy’s family has 2 small children, so many parts have to carry and support the baby to go safely.

Up to the 2nd floor, of the waterfall you will see a large, clear lake, above is a strong waterfall. According to Ms. Thuy’s comment, this floor is not suitable for young children because the air is cold, the lake is 3-4 m deep, it is difficult for children to swim. Adults can bring a SUP for boating. There are also bamboo rafts for tourists to take pictures.

Each group will have a guide to ensure safety and help carry things. Thuy shared, the staff here are very enthusiastic, friendly, support to carry small children, carry heavy items and always observe situations that may happen to visitors. They do not charge an additional service fee, but groups of guests can give a bonus if they are satisfied.Video Player is loading.StopPresent 0:25/Time 0:27Loaded : 0%Progress : 0%UnmuteFull screen

Ngang Tien Waterfall has a beautiful natural setting.

Visitors to the falls can order food on the spot. After playing at the lower level of the waterfall, the group walked to the shacks to enjoy a meal, watching the mountains, streams and waterfalls. The dishes here are stream fish, Ban pig, sticky rice, boiled vegetables… very attractive. For tourists who have private booking needs, such as vegetarian, should contact in advance so that they do not have to wait long.

Thuy commented Fairy Waterfall is a place worth visiting because it is close to nature, has beautiful scenery, and has activities for the children. Her family during the days in Moc Chau came here 6 times in the morning, noon and afternoon. Every time her two children are very excited and learn new skills such as preparing long-sleeved shirts, walking to avoid slippery moss.

“Go hide” in the forest

Thuy’s family is staying at Moc Chau Retreat, a resort in Chieng Di village (Van Ho), about 5 km from the center of Moc Chau and 20 km from Nang Tien waterfall. Located in a green space of about 1 hectare, there are only 5 bungalows.

She said the resort does not use air conditioning, the air is very fresh and cool, at night and in the morning when the temperature drops to low, they often have to cover themselves with blankets. In the bungalow there is a kitchen for guests to cook for themselves, with fresh food right in the garden such as pumpkin, kale, collard greens… In addition, you can order meals at the restaurant in the resort.


There are many activities suitable for children such as flying a kite on the tea hill, going to the village, growing vegetables, going to the local market, showing a movie in the yard at night, playing chess, camping in the garden, playing in the water in a small stream in the garden. campus… Ms. Thuy said that her two children especially love wood-burning stoves, a rare experience in the city. Because the space has many plants, visitors should bring a spray bottle and an insect repellant.

Summarizing the trip, the cost for her family’s 2 weeks of hiding is 7 million VND, including room. Food and sightseeing costs are not much because most of them are free nature spots. Her family has insect bites on her limbs but is very satisfied because she has been able to enjoy the fresh air, practice sports and learn many new things. The 7-year-old was previously afraid of geckos but now has a desire to learn and protect plants, animals, and insects.

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