Ceremony to pray for rain of white Thai People

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Ceremony to pray for rain of white Thai People

Ceremony to pray for rain takes place on an annual Lunar February 15 is one of the most important events of the year in the White Tai of Na Bo 1 village (Moc Chau, Son La) to pray for good weather, harvests .
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Ceremony to pray for rain of white Thai People
Before the date of ceremony to pray for rain, villagers along to the ceremony venue, usually a wide beach at the head, raised up a tree. The ornament on the tree referred to express the difficulty of life due to lack of water, due to unfavorable weather ... like birds, mites knitting nan, besides the small cage put egg shells , shell ...
The elderly in the matter that is the widow reason because the original story comes from the sun drought, people want to celebrate praying for rain but are afraid, afraid he will punish angry sky. Meanwhile, a widow who had volunteered to stand out as the sacrifice, the witchdoctors go for rain, she said that if he sun fine, began to die, the villagers do not wait for her annual ritual. And just like last until today, when the ceremony started at sunrise, shaman leading a widow and sisters in the, usually those who have families and middle-aged, the battered country first perform the ritual of praying for rain ceremony, worshiping at the battered country and permission to carry water.
After worshiping the gods and earth spirits finished battered water, union ceremony will take to get water. When the water goes back to the place of ceremony to pray for rain, a representative is Mr Then: he sat on the side, facing the holidays. Oracles sit bottom, just go along with the water, the people sitting around the back. The water was up around the tree mentioned. Reading oracles Mr Then said he unto the suffering of the villagers when there is no rain. End of praying, he will declare Then water board for a year and good weather, good harvest, then he brought the water bowl Then go around, walking and water sprinkled on all who attend. End of the festival to pray for rain, the villagers together to sing, Spread dance and play traditional folk games ...

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