These dishes of ethnic H'Mong in Tet holiday

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These dishes of ethnic H'Mong in Tet holiday

H'Mong ethnic people has its own calendar system, they usually eat Tet before Kinh's people a month ago. That is, the people of New Year's Day falls on 29 December of the Kinh. Management Board of Moc Chau Tourism Zone would like to introduce a number of dishes, as well as a unique food festival of the H'Mong people.
These dishes are indispensable.

The first thing to mention is sticky cake, it is first necessary to have. Just doing the typical Chung cake, sticky cake symbolizes heaven and earth, Hmong people sticky cake is considered a symbol of the moon, the sun, the source, the beginning to the existence of things. Sticky cake is usually made with fragrant rice cultivation, carefully selected, cooked and brought down the wooden mortar trough and retired while still hot.

Often young people are healthy new options for retirement cake, by job that requires health, endurance. When crushed, the women came, they poured out the dough coated pannier to stick white egg and then squeeze out the white cake. The first cake was transferred to the landlord put on ancestor worship, followed by division for the elderly, children eat taste. The whole family gathered around laughing straw mortar cake. Each family usually 50-100 something to eat slowly, as well as gifts to your friends Tet. Cake can be eaten for a long time, when people eat with their fingers chopped and fried with lard or for charcoal fire. The hard bread roll suddenly bloom like flowers, fragrant smell of rice cultivation, depending on the palate with a meal with meat, chicken, others like to put the wild honey.

Farewell to sticky cake
Hmong festival's feast is also indispensable chicken, pork meat chickens were slaughtered in the late afternoon to do things well ancestors. Describe the gab, but the substance, the Hmong, no chicken, no one to call up the sun god, heaven and earth, darkness forever. So, when offered, more homeowners cut chicken at the altar, pinch little more feathers embedded into the paper stickers pasted on the altar. Then bring new employment chicken rice offerings. Particularly pig flesh from a few days before or 30th to slaughter, like pounding rice cake, both gurgles per person per job, everyone is excited excited.

Tray of rice Hmong people from 1st-3rd whole meat only, until after the 3rd, vegetables and soup appeared in meals. By relative concept, eat vegetables in those days, the whole year will be difficult to eat, crops or crop failure. Vegetables usually appear later in the day cat usually vegetables, winter vegetables are often scattered around the house, self germinate, grow themselves.
Inside tray of rice Hmong also add the wine yeast leaves are cooked corn from the corn grown in the high mountains. There is something unique, that people drink very fun, but do not see people drinking ever pressed, cup of wine poured, but depending invite enthusiastic drinker. Relatives and naturally so happy!

Corn wine
Some taboos

If you have the opportunity to eat with the Hmong Tet holiday festival, you note a few small things in the 3 day festival:
- Everyone Diet for money, take the money.
- Everyone on fire Diet, diet vegetables, rice chan
- Women who abstain from going door.
- From the 3rd festival, The Stadium of each of the Hmong living is often bustling with fun and games and joyful atmosphere. As to the, by looking to the stadium to cheer the people

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