Suoi Bang rock snails - a delicacies not two

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Suoi Bang rock snails - a delicacies not two

Snail rocks in Suoi Bang, Van Ho District just appear from April to the end of August, which is the rainy season, when the weather is wet. Shape and very special place to live for its own good, it has a real but in rivers, streams, ponds and lakes can not be.

After the rains, Suoi Bang rock snail generally crawl out to eat the leaves.


The stone snail here is shaped quite similar snail Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh. They do not grow vertically like bulging, yellow snails that horizontally flattened its, large average two knuckles, larger mouth, have milky white.

Mr Van Tuan Mui, Khoang Tuong village said, snails usually found only in the dense forests, wooded, damp. They go out a lot after rain to eat leaves. Just another round heavy rain is spoiled for arrested. Sometimes, going a dozen times kg snails. Tuan said the rocks snail Suoi Bang dish very simple process, not steamed or boiled with ginger, or citronella as the delta. Sauce is also just a few green chilies from red crested offers. Snails desirably wiped out the last bit of sauce into the mouth weep tongue, teeth felt snails touch crunchy, sweet spreads cool down his throat. The juicy, crispy cool stone buildings, there is no fishy but also pungent, aromatic leaves of the forest ...

Suoi Bang rock snails are considered specialty of the people here. Its price fluctuates 25000-40000 dong per kilogram. Snails can be made ​​into many dishes. Often people do not fry because it snails up much appetite viscosity. So, in addition to boiled, people used to prepare the soup snails.

Meat of Suoi Bang rock snails are very brittle and sweet 

To make this the soup, people usually boil the water to the boil, pour into the snails, add a little salt for snails and brittle out of fishy. When boiled snails, people poured out desirably, snails meat cooked with monsoon leaves, yogurt or sour bamboo leaves ... all very tasty. More sophisticated, people can bring mixed with curettage mango sour and spicy snails: the smell of the ship, ginger leaves, shiso, lemon, chili made as salad.

Perhaps rock snails have more in Suoi Bang because of its healthy climate, have relatively large forest area with coverage up to 70%. If that preserve, protect, one day is not far when the Moc Chau tourism development, visitors can visit Suoi Bang, visit Ma caving, visit culture villages of Hmong and will unleash savor specialties this rare.

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