Summer goes Moc Chau Plateau!

Friday - 27/06/2014 06:26

Summer goes Moc Chau Plateau!

Summer goes Moc Chau Plateau!
Moc Chau Plateau (Son La) is considered a green tourist paradise, attractive destination for tourists who love nature and prefer to explore the unique culture of northwestern mountainous forest. Up Moc Chau this season, visitors will not be surprised by the sight of picturesque, life also has a little unspoiled but peace and quiet, immersed in nature, escape the noise of the town.

The first impression of Moc Chau is the single winding mountain pass, the provision of long distance soaring, along the path is dark red plum garden, red cheeks peach garden at harvest time, far far out of green tea hills lush, untouched immense sight. Vast green forest of soaring cheers seasons in the wind, towering peaks, rolling valleys, waterfalls white foam ... all create a spectacular picture Moc Chau, making visitors more view more passionate.

Come to Moc Chau you should to visit tea plantation where have green tea hills with endless trails connecting from this tea hills to others. Standing between the tea hill, you'll feel you are so small compared to the spectacular natural landscape of hills. Moc Chau also have beautilul sight is Flap Strip waterfall. Visitors will be impressed by a waterfall two branches day and night pouring of white water, helping the joyful sound of the voice on symphony of birds singing, the sound of rustling leaves questions in the jungle symphony.

Moc Chau also has famous beauty spots is Flap Strip Waterfall. Visitors will be impressed by a waterfall two branches day and night pouring of white water, contribute the joyful sound to singing harmony the sound of birds, the sound of leaves rustling in the symphony of jungle. Strip Flap is divided into two branches, a 9-storey side, a 5-storey side, spaced approximately 200m. Hot summer midday, stopping the flow of cooling water of Flap Strip Waterfall, you'll fascinated soft, sparkling in the sun cascade.

This season, the plum and peach trees are ripe. Along the narrow road, tourists as like  are lost in another world with a steaming pot of boiled corn, red peaches, but corn is present in small bamboo baskets roadside ... Not only that, tourists admire the bustling scene on the green steppe: a joyous sound of flutes, pan called mates and laughter; Children engrossed highly industrious play; Young men and women throwing pound, hitting badminton, throwing ...

And of course, tourists do not forget to enjoy the local specialties like cats cabbage, leaves with honey barbecue, baked crispy fish streams, ... These special dishes Highlander or handicraft products carry colorful ancient culture of Moc Chau will certainly be interesting souvenirs for relatives and friends after a trip by tourists.

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