Sightseeing cabbage flower in Moc Chau, Bathing Chieng Yen hot Mineral

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Chieng Yen hot Mineral

Chieng Yen hot Mineral
Every year, every month from 11to 12, when the fresh cold on the forests, mountains North West, as well as cabbage flower blooms white dyed the mountains. Guests to invite each of Moc Chau, Son La sightseeing the immense wealth of flowers stretching.
Not far away is a cultural tourism is extremely unique and attractive - Na Bai village, Phu Mau village, Co Hao.. in Van Ho district. It has Chieng Yen hot Mineral submerged in beautiful space of the mountains, where both the flower field, with Tat Nang Waterfall poetic harmony with the forest landscape painting.

In 2013, Van Ho is separated from Moc Chau old. Just so that there are many places, many points to the already very popular among phuot as Loong Luong, Pha Luang mountain, the Van Ho ... still mistakenly about the boundaries of Moc Chau. However, Van Ho is still a fascinating private lands are still lurking in the wilderness alone dreaming, under white mist covered mountains year round.
The Na Bai Culture, Sub Form, Hao Co ... is inhabited by the Thai community, Muong with houses on still curved sides connected together small winding road, a common image in Thai, Muong village North West highlands. The vast fields of the valley flowers growing season is pure white wealth. From Highway 6 through Tong Dau, about 30 kilometers to go further with a small right-hand turn at the attention. He is the main turnoff road to Na Bai, to Chieng Yen, where the hot springs steaming warm year round. Chiang Yen hot mineral temperatures average 40-50 degrees Celsius in winter, extremely fit and healthy. The winter day, after the tiring trip, indulge guests beside a stream exposed warm, relaxing soak will be a fascinating experience in the supply line of sight flowers North West.

Journey on the road to watch the flowers North West. Experience the relaxing, comfortable in warm water pit between mountains. Admire the cultural identities of Thai, Muong. Enjoy traditional dishes by the fire. Drunk in tune caudal spread of Thai inside girl warm house on stilts. The experiences that will make the journey visitors to Van Ho, Chieng Yen to become memories unforgettable.

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