Popular destinations in Son La province

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Popular destinations in Son La province

Coming to Son La, you will see a majestic mountains area and explore the unique cultural values of the ethnic minorities of the Northwest. You will be attracted in the ecstatic wine yeast, together enjoy the cozy moment around the firelight and sweet voice in the forest festivals. Below are popular destinations you should visit when coming to Son La province:
  1. Moc Chau plateau

Moc Chau Plateau is situated at an altitude of 1.050 meter above sea level, 200 km away from Hanoi to the northwest along Highway 6. It is a green plateau of Son La which spreads about 80 km long, 25 km wide with 1.600 hectares grassland.

Popular destinations in Son La province 1
Flower season in Moc Chau plateau

Moc Chau is the region of potential tourism resources of Son La and the Northwest mountainous area. The climate in Moc Chau is very special and  considered a distinctive character of this plateau. The central plateau is a microclimate area with a cool summer (temperature average is 20°C)  and a drier winter than other regions.

Moc Chau Plateau is famous for green tea hills stretching over the large hills. Saying Moc Chau tea is natural beauty, right! But saying Moc Chau tea is artificial beauty is not wrong. On the way to Ngu Dong Ban On, you will see S-shaped, heart-shaped tea hills created by hands of the people.

Popular destinations in Son La province 2

Tea hill in Moc Chau

Coming to Moc Chau and visiting to the historical monuments, Son Moc Huong Cave, pine forests, Chien Vien temples,  Dai Yem spring, Phieng Luong mount and the culture of the Hmong, Dao ethnic in Van Ho will bring you the simple but unforgettable moments.

Popular destinations in Son La province 3
Simple image in Moc Chau plateau

  1. French Son La prison

Son La prison was built by the French colonialism in 1908 on Khau Ca hill near Nam La stream, Son La province. Although many communist soldiers were detained and tortured here, they had changed this place into a revolutionary school. Son La Prison has become a destination for many tourists  nowadays.

Popular destinations in Son La province 4
Son La prison

Son La Prison is now only a brick yard after undergoing enemy’s bomb in two battles. The first time in 1952 when withdraw troops from Son La, French aircraft drop bombs to erase traces of prison and their crimes. The second time is in 1965, the American imperialism destroyed the rest of Son La Prison … After the restoration of peace, Museum of Son La mended two watchtowers and a part of prison.

Popular destinations in Son La province 5
Son La prison

Everyone came here not only to get experience and recall the struggle taken place more than a past century, but more importantly, to remind the next generation to live, work and study well to deserve the sacrifice of the previous generations.

  1. Son Moc Huong Cave

Son Moc Huong, also called Moc Chau Doi Cave ( Bat Cave) is the familiar name to tourists when coming to Moc Chau District, Son La Province. It is an art work, a national sight  which nature granted this plateau area.

Popular destinations in Son La province 6

When entering the cave, you will see a marvelous landscape. From the ceiling hanging the sparkle stalactites. Many blocks which fall down from the ceiling and reach the floor are over 20 meters high. They look like the giant trees’ roots hanging down to the ground. Besides there are also a lot of stalactites bringing different shapes of gerbera (a tree has daisy-like flowers), rice, fairy, fairies, elephants, lions, tigers, lizards, eagles and even  hovered clouds.

Popular destinations in Son La province 7

The Cave entrance is high more than 30 m. In the middle of the cave, there is a dry lake approximately 200 m2 wide with large stone turtle in the middle.

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