Moc Chau - hottest destination in the North after Tet

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Moc Chau - hottest destination in the North after Tet

Moc Chau - hottest destination in the North after Tet
The paths draped in white apricot flower, plum flower, forest peach is inviting visitors from around the frame to keep the romance.

In negative balance of the long New Year holiday, many northerners chose Moc Chau is the destination for spring trip. Moc Chau present time is blossoming peach, plum flowers blooming around the streets should be everywhere at this plateau is the lovely scenery and romantic. Favorable path, the distance is not too far from Hanoi is also a reason why manyz” Phuot Thu” and especially photographers camera bag on the road.

Travel by motorbike will make you discover the many flooded streets of white plum blossom this season.

Travel means

From Hanoi to Moc Chau nearly 200km so Moc Chau should be able to go fast in 2 days, if there is more time (3-4 days) is the best because you will have more time to figure out what angle to photograph beautiful machine or turn to the tourism sector famous neighbor as Thung Nai, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh hydropower, ...

If traveling by motorbike, you should go by the old 6 highway along with a lot of beautiful scenery, but consider driving by road deteriorated quite a lot. The journey takes about 4-5 hours. And if you take a bus, you can select the route from Son La My Dinh bus station or Yen Nghia, then down in Moc Chau with high quality fare 140,000 VND. Vehicles terminal continuously all day. From about 6 am to 21h pm


Moc Chau had plenty of motels so you do not have to worry too much. However, to get quality accommodation in the high season, you should still call your reservation. There are motels eco mode (with mountains, lakes, floor) or motels community homestay style. Prices range from 50k / person.

The hostel also relatively more, the price of a room around 200000-300000 contract but there are many motels have lower prices.

Huong Sen Hotel, Trade Union or Green Star was many people choosing.


Location photography

The beautiful location photography which you can not ignore:

- Loong Luong commune: the most beautiful place in this season when the peach blossom,

White flowers blooming plum sky.

- Ang village pine forests, Dai Yem waterfalls, Bat Cave, orchid gardens, strawberry: these locations close to the district center and the already very popular among photographers. Here, you can unleash your creativity to the frame romance between wild space, less intervention by human hands.

- Moc Chau Farm (from the district center only 5km) where had green tea hills and vast meadows.

- Heart-shaped tea Hill, On village five cave: This can be considered as the most beautiful street in the season Moc Chau peach blossom, plum blossom this. Over 15km long road, with slightly rough sections but great scenery.

- Pa Phach village 1, 2, 3: arduous road but the two sides are swathes of white plum blossom blooming beautiful this season.

What eating

Moc Chau famous for specialties such as salmon, perturbed veal, fish streams, cai meo, barbecue grills, pork salty, sour bamboo, buffalo meat upstairs kitchen, boiled cai meo ... There are not many choices for you but Phuot Thu often tell each other about 64 bar, 70 shop, 181 Xuan Bac, Optical Zoom, 75 shop ... with affordable price, about 100,000 per person. Especially  181 Xuan Bac is one of the famous shops of the baby, in addition there are many incentives for citizens phuot and students


Also, you can buy tea, milk, Tao Meo, maize, corn liquor ... as a gift from the venue: 73 junction near the town, subdivision 32 and Bo Bun, junction 70, garden fork training, subregional Chieng Di.

On this occasion, the white plum blossom, peach flowers
are blooming forests around the streets of Moc Chau


The cost

To Moc Chau you will not have to worry too much about accommodation costs by short day trip, the price here is quite pleasant, if traveling by motorbike, the additional savings. With about 2 days trip, you only take about 300,000 per person, depending on the quality you choose.


- The temperature quite low at night at night in Moc Chau but usually sunny day so you need to bring enough warm clothing to ensure health.
- On this occasion, there are quite guest delegations to Moc Chau but lack of awareness has caused many ugly scenes. You should note that not littering, stepped on the bed or improvement of people climbing on the branches of forest peach, plum branches.


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