Moc Chau focus on the goal of becoming the national tourism zone

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Moc Chau focus on the goal of becoming the national tourism zone

Moc Chau focus on the goal of becoming the national tourism zone
Moc Chau Plateau climate is temperate fresh, cool, beautiful natural scenery and light and spacious. Moc Chau qualified to develop many types of tourism, characterized by plateaus, such as vacation, resort, ecotourism, meadows, hills and tea gardens and tropical fruit trees, parks growing vegetables for export, research forest ecology, caves, waterfalls ...
In particular, the 2-9 Independence festival became an annual festival of traditional culture of ethnic Moc Chau attracts thousands of visitors from near and far on exchanges, reunion ... From potential advantages, Moc Chau had been governmental planning permission to build Moc Chau National Tourism Zone. 
Mộc Châu tập trung cho mục tiêu trở thành khu du lịch quốc gia
From 2010 to date, the Management Board Moc Chau tourist area actively cooperate with relevant departments, consultants advising PPC completed master plan resort Moc Chau countries; Provincial Council issued Resolution No. 316 / NQ-'s Council dated 13-4-2010 passed in the overall development plan of the National Tourism Zone in 2020 Moc Chau.
National Tourism Zone be planned with more than 1,800 ha; Minimum number of tourists arrivals 1,000,000 / year, including: area tourist center; amusement parks, resorts and high-end subdivision 7, 4 point satellite; total investment of 10.500 billion, of which about 1,050 state capital billion remaining extra-budgetary funds (capital of domestic enterprises and FDI).

According to the report of the Management Board of Moc Chau Tourism Zone, now has detailed planning of 1/2000 tourism center of Moc Chau width 442 hectares with 14 functional areas, public beach complete planning, plugged landmarks; complete detailed construction planning 1/500 component projects, zones, tourist attractions; has 5 zones PPC planning approval include: area hotels - 4 star resort; Flowers botanical garden; The resort park field; Memorial tree plantations, Fame and experimental gardens temperate fruits and picking fruit service; 4 other resorts satellite PPC approved planning tasks. At the same time, provincial approval for 4 investors to invest in the area, tourist destination in Moc Chau district were:  Indochina Group Co., Ltd ,Thanh Tung Private Enterprise, Sustainable Forest Joint Stock Company, and Commercial Services Cooperative Joint Stock Company.

Currently, the project hotel area - 4 star resort, area of ​​20.8 ha has built overall compensation plans to send the DPC authority to approve construction commencement. Project resorts and resort tours, cultural tourism area, the villa resort stays, prairie province villas has approved investment policy and approving planning tasks. The project  of Sustainable Forest Corporation as an investor, size 48.44 ha, including: cypress garden area; Fame tree plantations, souvenirs; resort park field; experimental gardens and tropical fruit picking services ... Some investment infrastructure built to serve the tourism urban transportation systems, electricity, water, operators are continued evaluation and approval of the provincial ...

Management Board of Moc Chau tourism zone also has coordinated introduction to open tours destinations to the Ang community, you wait (Moc Chau), a Phu Mau, Na Bai (Van Ho); Ecotourism, agriculture in tea fields mildew; tourist resort in the Highlands Flower Company; support and technical advice to build models of ecotourism restaurants, motels in the community; construction site of electronic information (, to provide information relating to the investment activities of investors, advertising and travel photos Moc Chau to tourists within and outside countries. Organize seminars on development, promote tourism in Hanoi and Moc Chau province. To coordinate with the Vietnam Tourism Association, tour operators, media agencies to conduct surveys, product introduction Moc Chau Tourism; organization of cultural and tourist events in the region, the province's happening in Moc Chau district; building centers of tourism products introduced at the Moc Chau Son La city; representative office in Thanh Xuan guest house; photo contest " Moc Chau Spring ", and many activities to promote other tourism image.
Because focuses promotion, information and promotion of tourism so visitors to Moc Chau growing, facilities service, accommodation also thrive. According to statistics from the hotels, motels, accommodation establishments and attractions landscapes, to September 2014, visitor arrivals to Moc Chau has reached 600,000. Currently, In the Moc Chau district has 234 restaurants, accommodation establishments, including 147 restaurants and entertainment services, 87 tourist accommodation establishments with a total of 582 rooms, 1549 beds ...

There's a lot of work to do before the decision announced by the Prime Minister on the planning ofMoc Chau National tourism zone. Believes that, with the import of all levels, sectors, districts and ethnic minorities, Moc Chau will meet the basic requirements to become the National Tourism zone.

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