Moc Chau ecotourism central area

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Moc Chau ecotourism central area

Moc Chau ecotourism central area
Detailed planning construction Moc Chau ecotourism central area rate1/2000 by Chinese contractors performing consulting since 2008 and has been People's Committee of Son La approved in Decision No. 2716 / QD -UBND dated 08/10/2009; Then, adjust and the Prime Minister approved in the Master Planning Moc Chau National Tourism Zone.
Moc Chau ecotourism central area is located in Phieng Luong commune, Moc Chau district and Van Ho commune, Van Ho district. This is a general tourism concentrated forms of the tourism product as entertainment (children, mass), cultural tourism, services, accommodation, sightseeing .... Currently this is the functional areas have detailed plans approved with an area of 442 ha, including subdivision.

1.         Entrance welcoming area: As a center welcomes tourists with items cuisine, excellent shopping streets, parking lots, warehouses parking, entrance the square. The area of 8.86 ha.

2.        Central park zone lake: As a play area in the country, performing arts on the water, enjoy fun, games and sports. With major categories: lakeside road bike, boat, play equipment large type, stage performances on water, food city on the water, bridges, artificial sand beaches, amusement parks children, culinary city on the water, on the water stage, playground equipment installation type play big, bike paths along the lake, adjacent to the water build artificial sand beaches,swimmingpool area, playing in the sand. The area of 36.28 ha.

3.        Central area reception service tourist: As a Tourism service area, culinary stay, trade fairs and exhibitions, music and dance performances. With major projects: star class hotel, cinema, exhibition center, specialty shops, small shopping street type, road walk up the mountain. The area of 24.56 ha.

4.        Resident in tourism: As an area of tourist accommodation including villas in the woods and meadows villa. With the type of residence villa in the form of family, rest, walking road. The area of 45.76 ha.

5        The resort park farming: As a farm landscape, spiritual refreshment area, close to nature, to regulate humidity, clean water source ... The main categories: Sightseeing fields, fishing, walking between fields, spiritual refreshment. The area of 14.36 ha.

6.        Thai national culture: As a tourist area of national culture. For the purpose of showcasing architectural and traditional ethnic villages, showcasing manufactured crafts products, ethnic cuisine, shopping and ethnic specialties, ethnic festivals. The area of 22.84 ha.

7.        Rural tourism zone ethnic (multi-ethnic tourism): As a cultural park showcasing ethnics cultural characteristics of the ethnic groups of Moc Chau district. With mainly Items Gallery architectural, traditional ethnic villages, public architecture, commercial buildings ... The area of 10.42 ha .

8.        Ecology tea garden landscape: As a ecological landscape space themed tea plantation scenery, scenic enjoy tea, experience the beauty of the natural and artificial landscape. With the main items: a scenic location on the mountain, road shows operating du tea gardens, scenic roads for electric vehicles. The area of 191.23 ha.

9.       Grasslands Tourism Area: As a play area features pasture exploitation, with the game playing on grass include sightseeing, slide grass, cattle grazing, horse riding. The area of 23.11 ha.

10.   Experimental gardens and tropical fruit trees: As an experimental plantations and tropical fruit trees, scenic orchard with main activities: Visiting orchard, picking ripe fruit, orchard care workers. The area of 7 ha.

11.   Flower Park Thematic: As a gardens planting flower and collection of precious flowers serve the needs of sightseeing, buy products made from flowers. The area of 9.16 ha.

12.   Fame of celebrates visitors Area: The area serves the needs of Fame celebrates with main activities: Enjoy the natural landscape, tree planting lists, signs, anniversary, ... The area of 26.62 ha.
13 Hill symbol: As a exhibit propaganda advertising for tourist area with the main items: Ads table, propaganda painting, propaganda model, object. The area of 7.30 ha.
14.   The residential area services: As a combined residential areas and business formation services shopping street and walk to the main categories: housing, public works, building small business, night market... The area of 14.50 ha


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