Moc Chau Consulting in August

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Moc Chau Consulting in August

Moc Chau Consulting in August
This August when you come to Moc Chau you can pick up some excellent places to Flaps Strip Waterfall, a tea plantation; or buy some right season specialties such as avocados. Below are some advices to help you when to Moc Chau ...
Because is the rainy season, so the Flaps Strip Waterfall well into the most beautiful moment of it. Water from Vat streams and other sources accrue to fallcascade the white ribbon. To Flaps Strip Waterfall this season really see the majestic waters. If amorous adventure and a bit of adventure, while across the road to take a turn down the rocky land trail crosses the stream to the opposite hill. The road, though a bit strenuous, but climbed to a haft of hill you will see an other Flaps Strip Waterfall: larger, more beautiful with full 9-story waterfall. But this aside, take a picture will be slightly difficult when you want to get both people and landscape. Refer panoramic images here.

This season, Moc Chau tea is also green, you can go to a tea plantation following:
- Shan Tuyet tea Hill in Moc Chau Farm Town (opposite Moc Chau Tea Company), the vast tea fields were planted here from 61-66 years of the last century, the first generation of tea Moc Chau tea hill road on both sides with rows of luscious quite poetic, romantic.

- Heart Tea Hill on the way to a mild hibernation. This point is not only famous for its tea plantation rows into a heart shape at random, it stands out because of the tea hill, oolong tea valley is cared lush thorough. Climb the highest hill you can get great photos of Moc Chau tea.

As to these locations, please note: not littering, not sitting, lying down, standing up to the tea, not arbitrarily picking tea ....
Butter Moc Chau is also on main case: the road trip butter you can buy anywhere and be completely assured when butter Moc Chau is not standard 3: No pesticides; No stimulants; No preservatives. If you have time and want to experience, talk directly with sellers butter, people willing to take you in his garden has given you the pole pickers picking avocados and invite you to try. Butter price at the present time ranged from 20-25 thousand /kg
If patience and resist the attractive things above, you wait until the end of August, beginning of September to explore Independence festival - a unique festival of the Hmong national, was held in Moc Chau (31-8 come-2-9)

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