Experience Travel Moc Chau - Son La

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Experience Travel Moc Chau - Son La

Son La tourism can be roughly divided into three clusters Moc Chau Plateau, Da River and city tourism in Son La.

Moc Chau tourism complex includes scenic spots such as the Son Moc Huong (double), a beautiful cave with sparkling stalactites range seven rainbow colors. Strip Flap Waterfalls with two cascade down to a height of 100m. Phieng Luong Peak of cloud cover throughout the year, Ban Mong peaceful, ancient pagodas List, Lake Pioneer, pure or participate in the festival of H''mong, Dao Van Ho.

Besides landscapes, you will have the opportunity to soak up the peaceful picture, watching the white plum blossoms sky, the eyes clear, honest smile or night to indulge in the air raw meat baking, wine, the dance spread, feeling the cold of the mountains.

Also, from Moc Chau you can follow the road south about 40 miles to come to Xuan Nha natural reserve - Sop Cop or gate Pa Hang to Hua Phan (Laos).

Moc Chau peace.

Travel waterways are divided into three directions. One is from Moc Chau down the river of Van Yen, admire the spectacular natural landscape with high mountains, wide rivers, green forests untouched, waterfall, historic, archaeological site on the river. Or you can down the river, down the Hoa Binh hydropower, admire the grandeur of a large hydro, visit the Anh of the Thai people, the Quan Ngua or sail in two forests at km 45 and Chieng Sai. And if you want, you can also transit to Laos.

Son La city tours as Nam Na tourism with cultural historical dungeon Son La, Son La Museum, the temple of King Le Thanh Tong, villages, farms, holidaycultural . Sightseeing tour of south Norway as follows: read the epitaph monument Lam Ngu Che, drop-down Bao Ke Cave looking rocks shape, then a visit to the temple of King Le Thanh Tong to the work item primary and secondary. A tour of the prison and the museum.


Also, if you have time, you can cross the horizontal "giant spider"  Chieng Khoi lake or the world colorful stalactites in the cave Tham Tet Toong.


The moving will start from Hanoi. Also you can refer to the information at the bus station or By public transport



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