Cabbage flowers in full bloom

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Cabbage flowers in full bloom

Cabbage flowers in full bloom
Normally the time after the Lunar New Year, or around February, is the perfect time to have a trip to Moc Chau District in the northern mountainous province of Son La to admire the heaven-like scene of white cabbage flowers in full bloom. However, November can be seen as the start of the blooming season for this peculiar flower quite popular in Moc Chau.

After seeing a picture of white cabbage flowers on a friend’s Facebook page, I asked my brother to travel a 170-km journey in three and a half hours from my hometown of Hoa Binh Province to Moc Chau. We determined to explore three mountainous villages of Pa Phach 1, Pa Phach 2 and Pa Phach 3 of the locality.

Pa Phach is located in a limestone range with a primitive forest in Dong Sang Commune of Moc Chau District. To get to the location tourists have to make their way through some dangerous steep slopes but they will be treated with a magnificent view of white flowers under the blue sky. During the journey, tourists can also admire cherry blossoming in red or images of Thai or Mnong ethnic minority children and women in their daily activities.

I found it irresistible to admire the sunset view of Thung Nhuoi Mountain Pass in Mai Chau District of Hoa Binh Province on my way back home as the whole place looks fascinating in a thin lay of mist drifting along the sky.

Tourists are advised to savor some specialties of the locality, including be chao (fried veal with lemongrass and ginger), fried fish caught from streams, boiled cabbage and home-made yoghurt.

Moc Chau is about 190km from Ha Noi. Tourists can drive motorbikes along the National Road 6 to get to Moc Chau. People can also take a bus at My Dinh Bus Station at the price from 180,000 VND to 250,000 VND per person. Recommended hotels are Xao Xanh, Huong Sen and Cong Doan or other houses on stilts around Moc Chau Town. Prices for accommodations are from 350,000VND and above for a double room.

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