Attracting Investment, development Moc Chau tourism area

Friday - 10/04/2015 04:29
On November 12th 2014, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 2050 / QD-TTg approving "the master plan for development of Moc Chau national tourism zone 2020, Vision 2030". This is an opportunity to attract investment to promote economic development in tourism corresponds to the potential advantages of the plateau.
Thu hút đầu tư, phát triển khu du lịch Mộc Châu
Investment attraction, developmental Moc Chau tourism area
Moc Chau is considered the largest concentration of tourism resources of Son La in particular and northern northwest region in general. The climate is typical resource of Moc Chau with an average temperature of 200C, drier winter than in other regions. Tourism here is not only relaxation, entertainment, sightseeing scenery, landscapes, but also festival cultural tourism of ethnic. In addition to the fascinating excursions on the tea fields, grasslands immense, bat cave, waterfall bib range in beautiful natural scenery throughout the four seasons, Moc Chau Plateau also hides the pristine forests of the natural reserve of 27,000 ha Xuan Nha wide with many animals, rare plants ...
Catch up with marketing, the units, enterprises in Moc Chau district has invested in building 234 restaurants, accommodation establishments, in which 147 restaurants and entertainment services, 87 accommodation establishments tourism with 600 rooms, more than 1,500 beds ... some tours have been opened and connected to the tourist attractions community of Ang village, Doi village (Moc Chau), Phu Mau village, Na Bai (Van Ho); Ecotourism, agriculture in tea fields mildew; vacation in Highland United Company; motels in community. The number of tourist to Moc Chau s increasing, service facilities, accommodation also thriving. According to statistics in 2014 reached 800 thousand tourists to Moc Chau.
“the master plan for development of Moc Chau national tourism zone 2020, Vision 2030".” Prime Minister approved a total natural area reach of 206 150 ha, located in two districts: Moc Chau and Van Ho. With the policy of maximum mobilization of every resource, the economic sectors in order to create opportunities for investors domestic and foreign to participate in building Moc Chau national tourism zone become key tourist areas of North West in particular and Vietnam in general. Moc Chau National Tourism Zone will form three centers: Moc Chau luxury resort Center, Moc Chau ecotourism Center and Moc Chau Senior Entertainment Center. Objective by 2020, Moc Chau National tourism zone will welcome 1.5 million passengers, in which international tourists reached 10 thousand passengers; 2030 welcome 3 million visitorsin which foreign tourists reached 50 thousand passengers. 2020, revenues reached 1.500 billion, equivalent to US $ 70 million; 2030 reached 6.000 billion, equivalent to $ 270 million.
Moc Chau National tourism zone will have the opportunity to breakthrough, welcome investors domestic and foreign to learn, implementation of projects in the fields to take available advantage of the local, promote the development of tourism economy in this region. Centre Tourism Moc Chau wide 442 ha with 14 functional areas, which has 5 zones PPC approved the plan include: Area Hotel - 4 star resort;Botanical flowers garden; resort field park, Fame memorial tree plantation and experimental gardens tropical fruit and picking services; 4 other resorts satellite has been approved by PPC. Private Project of hotels - 4 star resort, an area of 20.8 hectares was built overall compensation. Resort tourism areas project and sightseeing, cultural tourism area, Resort reside temporarily villa area, grassland villa area PPC has approved investment undertaking and approval planning tasks. Projects by Sustainable Forest JSC as investors scale 48.44 ha, including: Botanical flowers garden; resort field park, Fame memorial tree plantation and experimental gardens tropical fruit and picking services… Some investment projects infrastructure to serve tourists as urban transport systems, electricity, water, the operator is continuing evaluation and approval ... Currently, PPC also has approval for 4 investors to invest in the area, tourist attractions in Moc Chau district, namely: Indochina Group Ltd., Thanh Tung private enterprise, Sustainable Forest JSC and Commercial Services Cooperative JSC.
Promotion of development programs tourism area National Moc Chau province was initially developed a number of mechanisms and policies to attract investment characteristics, striving implement incentives for investors . Also held introduce Moc Chau tourism potential, also as enhance administrative reform, support investors in the process of project implementation. In particular, in collaboration with the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) to implement programs for the preferential credits to support businesses in the province of Son La construction projects effective.
With the highest determination of the province, businesses focus on investment, will move vigorously implement development goals Moc Chau National tourism zone become regional tourism development dynamics of Son La and of the region tourism northern highlands, with diversified tourism products system, unique brand and competitiveness associated with the natural landscape and cultural identity of the ethnic groups. 

Source: Son la Newspaper

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